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We need you!

Nice words only get us so far

As a Social Impact fund, we are constantly looking to increase the impact we have on the entrepreneurs, their projects and the communities involved

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Types of shareholders

Investing in Adiuvamus Fonds is fairly easy for everyone. It only takes one share to become a part of our community. One share costs 100 euros to acquire (no extra fees) and can be asked through the form below on this page.

Every (potential) investor can, of course, get as many shares as they want. To promote our investors to acquire more shares, we have created 3 shareholder types. These 3 groups all have their own set of advantages. 

We distinguish between these groups on the basis of number of shares a shareholder possesses:

A-shareholders: 1 to 49 (included) shares 

B--shareholders: 50 to 99 (included) shares

C-shareholders: from 100 shares

Each group has following characteristics and advantages:

100 euros

The price per share




of shares

Access to

member's area

Voting rights

Social tourism reduction




1 - 49

50 - 99

100 - 100+


1 vote/share


2 votes/share


4 votes/share

5  %

10  %

25 %

Who can invest in us?

Everybody that shares our values is welcome at Adiuvamus Fonds

Become a shareholder

Everyone that aligns with our values, be it natural persons or companies, can become a shareholder in Adiuvamus Fonds and help us bring durable, social impact to (starting) entrepreneurs in developing countries.

Becoming a shareholder (or coöperant as it is officially called), is a three-step process:

          1. Fill in the contact form on this page

              This step allows Adiuvamus Fonds to check the contact details of people                          willing to join us. We also ask for a number of shares you would be                                    interested in obtaining, for administrative reasons.  

          2. We will get back to you asap with the payment details

              Once we have checked your contact details (a formality, but a legal one), we                    will send you an e-mail with the payment details to become a shareholder.

          3. Payment & administrative formalities

              After transferring the amount due, we will register you in our shareholder's                        registry and provide you with an extract as confirmation of your participation in                Adiuvamus Fonds. You will also receive access to the members page, where                    these details are also stored.

Join Adiuvamus today!

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Investing in starting companies and entrepreneurs is very risky, it is therefore imperative that we tell you that it is likely that some of the projects we support, will fail.

Although we try to cover these possibilities as much as possible, it is of the utmost importance to state that investing in Adiuvamus Fonds may lead to a (partial) loss of the funds invested.

Do not invest funds in Adiuvamus Fonds that you can not miss in the coming years

We do not want to discourage any new investors to join us, but we have to be honest so everybody knows what they get into.

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