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Our Portfolio


On this page, you can find summerly summarized the projects we consider to invest in, the pipeline, and our active projects. As we've only started, we haven't invested in any projects yet. Together with your help, this will change very soon!

Our investments are grouped in geographical clusters. For each cluster, we attempt to have as many synergies as possible between the different projects whilst diversifying our investments in different sectors to limit sectorial risks.

Mombasa, Kenya

studio BelaBela.PNG
Studio BelaBela is
providing creative studio spaces where people in Mombasa can get professional video and photography services.
roka bags.PNG
Roka Bags makes durable, eco-friendly stylish bags from recycled billboards and banners.
Qwosha creates a laundry platform that allows scheduling and tracking of laundry orders.
Indexfand is a fintech start-up safeguarding informal savings groups and connecting them to credit partners via their mobile application.
Find X SuperApp is building an all-round mobile application to digitize business operations.
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