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Project selection

Although there are many potential projects that would merrit an investment, we work with limited resources. Therefore, we have worked out a 5-step process to select the projects that have the best fit for reaching our dual goals of creating lasting Social Impact and generating a return for our investors. 

How do projects and Adiuvamus Fonds make initial contact?

There are several ways that ADIUVAMUS can come in contact with local projects or future entrepreneurs:

1. Via local incubators in target areas

When we are selecting an area to start a cluster, we are actively going to pursue long-term partnerships with local incubators. These incubators would allow us to get into contact with local projects easily, make it much easier for potential projects to apply for funds (e.g. by offering classes on business plan writing) and offer a venue to host regular pitching sessions.

2. Nominated by managers or supported projects

It will be possible for our staff or supported projects to put forward potential projects and let them go through the application process.

3. Self-application by entrepreneurs, projects, companies or project champions 

It will be possible to self-enroll into the fund application process as a project or have someone do the application for a project.

Selecting the right projects: a 5-step process

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Step 1

Data, data, data

Following an introduction, we want to gather as much information as possible on our prospective projects and the entrepreneurs behind them. 

Step 2

First meeting

After our initial information needs are satisfied, we"re going to engage with the entrepreneurs behind the projects we're looking at. During this meeting, we want to see who we're dealing with and get a first, expanded pitch of the project.

Team vergadering
Business Team

Step 3

Business & financial plan

if we're satisfied with the pitch and feel good about the team behind the project, it is time to start talking concrete plans and corresponding numbers.


Step 5

For big projects: The investors decide

For bigger projects or supported projects that start scaling, we will devote time into double-checking all previous steps and engaging further with the team behind the project before our investors make the final call on the investment.

Step 4

Final pitching session

If all previous steps turn out positive, it is time to sit down face-to-face with the (future) entrepreneurs and let them present their idea one last time followed by an expanded conversation afterwards.

For projects in the starting phase, this will be the stage where a final investment decision is made.

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