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Investing in a better Future,
For everyone 


We see a future world where the colour of one's skin, their gender, religion or other preferences become irrelevant, so we can, finally, all start building towards a better tomorrow for everyone, together.

Everybody can become a part of Adiuvamus and we'll welcome anyone with a good idea to better the world we live in.

Finally, we believe that it is possible to invest in local projects where all stakeholders benefit from the investments made, i.e. the investors, the entrepreneurs, local communities and nature.

Adiuvamus Fonds - Summary
We're a Social Impact Fund combining Social Impact and profitable investments to achieve long-lasting social and financial returns. 

Financial objectives:



Investment period


yearly return

Target return


of A.U.M.

Maximum yearly cost spending

Our Social Impact

With our investments in developing economies, we want to assure that all stakeholders (entrepreneurs, employees, local communities and nature) actually benefit from the investments made. To achieve this, we've created a structured approach towards achieving this long-lasting and sustainable development.

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A successful investment benefits all stakeholders

Convinced to invest in this future?

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