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The Background

Creating a Social Impact Fund doesn't happen overnight. A series of chance encounters occurred and made this unique collaboration possible. In this section, learn more about our history, our values and the team behind Adiuvamus Fonds.

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Our story

The start of Adiuvamus Fonds has been preceded by an entire journey that made us convinced to impact this world positively..

Volcano Wandelaar

Vision and Mission

We want to make the world a better place and have formulated how we want to achieve this in the long-term.

In het klaslokaal

A Social Impact Fund?

The combination of social and financial goals is quite a new concept, even in academic literature. 

Learn more about these dynamics in this section.

High fives

Meet the Team

No man or woman works alone ...

Many hands make light work ...

There are lots of expressions implying the need for a good team, so meet ours!

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