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Social Impact

Delivering Social Impact is one thing, but effectively creating a long-lasting change is entirely different. Here at Adiuvamus Fonds, we want to make sure that the Social Impact that we provide definitively changes people's life for the better.

Structured Social Impact

As we are a social enterprise, our aim is to invest in a sustainable and impactful way following the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out by the UN.


In order to achieve this, we have worked out a method to deliver our impact in a structured, durable way.

Firstly, we'll provide a base of sustainable employment for employees of projects and, of course, for the entrepreneurs themselves (SDG 8).

On this base, we'll provide 3 pillars of further impact: 

  1. Providing education for (the children of) employees to raise overall education levels for the people involved in our projects (SDG 4).

  2. Providing microcredits if employees/entrepreneurs have a probable cause to avoid short-term cash-issues which might result in constant debt payments at high interest rates (SDG 1, 2 & 3); and

  3. Helping with housing for employees of projects/entrepreneurs, allowing them to aggregating wealth over the long-run (SDG 11). 

This base of employment together with the pillars of impact should result in permanent and sustainable development of local entrepreneurs, their employees and the families of the employees.


This structure will serve as a framework for our Social Impact and shall be tailored for each project.

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