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The Full Backstory

From Idea to Fund

The journey to start a Social Impact Fund wasn't as straightforward as one might imagine. It took many years of exchanging ideas, setting the first steps in the field and meeting different people before the thought even occurred. Below, you can find the path that eventually led to  

Adiuvamus Fonds.

Gekiemde plant

An idea germinates

During a safari to Kenya in 2014, we learned of an opportunity that wasn't being exploited because of a lack of resources. These funds would in Europe very easily be accessible through a bank or via (institutional) investors. 

In Kenya, however, this wasn't the case and this disallowed this project, but also many other opportunities to be seized and serve to benefit the local entrepreneurs and their surrounding communities.

Oude Stadstrap

First steps

It took a while before the time was ripe to set our first steps into this marvellous world of investing in Social Projects. 

We set up a project in Malindi, Kenya to cultivate crops for the local market and harvest trees sustainably with immediate benefits consisting of local employment and CO2-reduction thanks to the planted trees.

Stenen treden

Meeting amazing people along the way 

From the start of our first project, in 2017, we've encountered a lot of great people from different backgrounds along the way, some of whom became team members or offered support when we needed it. 

The way forward

We want to move forward and expand our impact using the experience that we've built up from our first projects. This field experience will be combined with the knowledge from our team members and both shall serve as a basis to increase our impact on the ground.

To learn more about the way we're going to increase our impact and create value, click the button below:

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