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How we work

To ensure a smooth start and further continuation of our investment activities, it was important to design and develop several procedures by which we will stick during our day-to-day working and to keep an eye on to reach our long-term goals.

Investment Thesis

Our resources aren't endless unfortunately. Hence, we've created a framework - based on 6 factors - to determine which projects would suit best to maximize the impact we can create with the resources at our disposal..

Bouw van houten huizen
Modern creatief kantoor

Social Impact

As a Social Impact Fund, one of our two objectives is to create Impact for the stakeholders of the projects we support. We've worked out a structured approach to maximize the effects for those benefitting from it.

Project Selection

Although we want to support everything and anybody with a good idea or project, we're limited by resource constraints. With this in mind, we've developed a 5-step process to select which projects to support.

Data Processing
New Growth

Value creation

As we are a Social Enterprise, there is also a financial side to our story. We want to generate stable returns for our investors, whilst assuring that our supported projects can develop their activities naturally. 

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